Jeremy Clarkson

I was pretty nervous about this shoot, as we didn’t have much time with him, and I was worried I’d mess up, somehow annoy someone and/or, let down my editor.

A classic case of imposter syndrome on my part I guess (10 odd years taking photos professionally and it still happens).

Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

After I introduced myself and started setting up my cameras for the interview, he paused and questioned me over my decision to film it all on my silver Fuji X-T3s, as they looked like “something from the 70s, like Olympus OM-1s”.

Jeremy Clarkson, © Colin Miller/Mark Allen Group

I explained why I liked them, how I appreciated the ergonomics of them (I do love a dial on a camera) and how they are very much like the old Nikon FM2s but digital.

He nodded and asked “are they any good for video?”, to which I said “Jeremy, I wouldn’t use them if they weren’t any good.”

He nodded again and said “fair enough, carry on.”

After that, he was nothing but accommodating.