Short Film: The Art of Luthiery

A documentary on Duncan Cruttenden Guitars

A short film documenting the work of UK based, Duncan Cruttenden Guitars.

About the Assignment

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with guitars, so when the opportunity to work with Duncan Cruttenden Guitars arose, I naturally grabbed that assignment as quick as I could.

I caputured the interview with Duncan, using a Fujifilm X-H2s with a 23mm f1.4 WR lens, I also use this set-up to capture a few cutaways.  The eagle-eyed among you may notice a slight halation around the lights and on certain cutaways – this was due to the fact I had a 1/4 diffusion mist filter on the lens.

Additional b-roll was captured using a Fujifilm X-H1 with a vintage Helios 58mm f2 Lens.  I honestly, can’t sing the praises of that lens enough.  Bought for the grand total of £5 at a car boot fair, the Helios has a distinctive character that makes it perfect for capturing documentary style shots.

For more information about Duncan Cruttenden Guitars, pay a visit to his website.